About Us

Nestled in Italy, XRSI Europe emerges at the intersection of innovation, research, and the captivating realm of immersive and emerging technologies. As a vibrant extension of XRSI – X Reality Safety Intelligence, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, XRSI Europe stands at the forefront of the EU’s vision for the next generation of virtual worlds. Bridging the physical and virtual, these immersive environments and emerging technologies herald transformative opportunities across sectors such as healthcare, education, manufacturing, and entertainment. With the EU’s strategic emphasis on harnessing the limitless possibilities of these digital realms while safeguarding European values, XRSI Europe is uniquely poised to guide, innovate, and shape these digital worlds in line with European aspirations.

Our Mission

To guide, shape and safeguard the European emerging technology ecosystem.

Our Core Values




What We Do


Driving the development and deployment of next-gen technology standards, frameworks, and best practices, ensuring interoperability and seamless integration of Emerging Technologies.


Devoted to upskilling professionals, and helping organizations navigate the challenges and harness the opportunities of the evolving digital paradigm, emphasizing responsible, fair, and innovative practices, especially in sectors like education, health, public services, and manufacturing.


Create platforms for dialogue, fostering discussions that drive responsible and progressive innovation, ensuring the benefits of virtual worlds are harnessed by all.