Embracing the Future Together: The Journey of XRSI Europe

Italy, April 15th, 2023

We’re thrilled to share with you the exciting journey of XRSI Europe, a vibrant new beacon for our society embarking on a world of emerging technologies, filled with opportunities but also significant challenges. Our organization is a dynamic extension of the XRSI – X Reality Safety Intelligence family, inspired by its pioneering spirit to bring human privacy and safety to the center of our digital journey.

Our mission is guiding and safeguarding the emerging European technology ecosystem. We’re committed to ensuring that the transformative power of virtual worlds aligns with the rich tapestry of European values. Our vision is not just about embracing innovation; it’s about shaping it responsibly and inclusively.

We understand the importance of establishing robust standards and frameworks. Our focus on research and standards is more than just technical – it’s a commitment to interoperability, seamless integration, and a future where emerging technologies benefit everyone.

“To really represent the next common platform for innovation and value generation, the development of Virtual Worlds has to include the diverse perspectives, needs and values that are embodied by society. We still have time to put in action our responsibility to build the next iteration of the Internet in order to make it inclusive, diverse and ethical. To make it an ecosystem of opportunities.”Valentino Megale, President, XRSI Europe

Education lies at the heart of our endeavors. We’re dedicated to upskilling professionals and guiding organizations through the evolving digital landscape. Our emphasis on responsible, fair, and innovative practices shines brightest in the healthcare, education, public services, and manufacturing sectors. 

Our events are not just gatherings; they are platforms for dialogue, fostering discussions that drive responsible and progressive innovation. We believe in the power of conversation to ensure the benefits of virtual worlds are harnessed by all.

“Increasing trust in virtual worlds enhances business transactions and public services. Awareness and education are crucial to make this happen, as well as defining policy and standards that set shared expectations to each one of us in-world and across worlds.”Luis Bravo Martins, Vice President, XRSI Europe

XRSI Europe is more than an organization; we’re a community. We’re actively expanding our ecosystem of partners and collaborators, embracing multiple insights, expertise, and perspectives. Building safer virtual worlds is not a solo endeavour – it’s a collective journey.

As we stand at this exciting crossroads, we invite you to join us in this journey. Together, we can shape a future where innovation meets inclusivity, challenges are met with collaborative solutions, and the virtual and physical realms merge in harmony. Let’s build the future of Europe, together.

Embrace the journey. Shape the future. Be a part of XRSI Europe.


For more information about XRSI’s EU’s mission and initiatives, visit About Us.

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For any inquiry or more information please contact Valentino Megale, Member XRSI Europe

Valentino Megale | President XRSI Europe | valentino@xrsi.org | info@xrsi.eu